Forschungsinstitut für
Spiritualität und Gesundheit

Research Institute for
Spirituality and Health


Cooperative Projects

Current Cooperative Projects

SinceProject DescriptionPartner Institutions
2016Spiritual Care in Chronic Pain
Interdisciplinary research project for inter professional praxis in medicine and patient care
University of Zürich, RISH, various Swiss clinics and hospitals

Cooperation in education and research

Pontifícia Universidade Católica of Paraná (Brasilien), University of Bern & RISH


Coping under stress

Comparative study about stress responsiveness of "only-spiritual", "religious-spiritual" and "secular" people

University of Innsbruck, clinic SGM & RISH

Completed Cooperative Projects (Selection)

YearProjectDescriptionPartner Institutions

Influence of religiosity on Chronic Fatigue Syndrom

Addition to a study in psychosomatics

University of Bern & RISH

Psychiatric illness and psychological stress

Cortisol, cardiovascular parameters, religiosity as a moderator variable Clinik SGM Langenthal & RISH

Prospective memory

Evaluation of the data from a PhD dissertation
Clinik SGM Langenthal & RISH

Childhood trauma and its relation to religious faith

Investigation of the relation between childhood trauma and various aspects of religiosity/spirituality and psychopathology

University Hospital Zürich, Klinik SGM & RISH